Insurance Industry Case Study


A nationwide marketer of online insurance looked to Three Leaf to develop a unique A/B split marketing campaign to test its automobile insurance line in the Florida marketplace.

The Solution:

The A/B split methodology tested the response mechanism of having interested mail recipients call the insurance marketer’s customer service center through a toll-free number versus using a personalized URL address to access their own microsite. In either case, the respondent would be able to provide the information necessary to obtain a policy quote comparison from multiple carriers. From the microsite, respondents could hot-link directly in to the online quote process without ever having to speak with a customer service representative.

The Result:

After a two-month campaign, it was estimated that visits to the personalized microsites outpaced the number of toll-free phone calls by nine times and subsequently led to more online applications and policy bindings. In both cases, the full-color personalized content (both text and graphics) of the direct mail piece achieved roughly a 35 percent increase in response rate versus similarly geared generic mailings that had preceded it. The successful use of the pURL response mechanism has prompted Three Leaf’s client to explore further use of this closed-loop methodology as this particular program is rolled out to other states.

In this economy, companies can’t afford to miss an opportunity to make a sale to a prospective customer who simply needs more information.

Bryan Buchko