Century Industries Case Study


Based on discussions with Century Industries there was a need to create a brand around the corporate name yet still market the two distinct product lines. An organization’s identity is the foundation for the design of all olher material. It is usually the first impression a market has of an organization. The identity is also used to establish an organization’s image, creating mind share through repetition and exposure. A properly developed identity gives an organization a uniform appearance and establishes consistency in all marketing material. Century was interested in enhancing their current literature for their Century Windows line. The new image would begin with the need to develop new product literature distributed at the end user level. The second element for the change was to redesign the end caps for the Lowes and Home Depot stores. Thirdly, streamlining the website to tie both the stairway and windows lines together using an ecommerce solution was needed.

The Solution:

Based on the Needs Analysis Three Leaf provided Century the following services:

  • Redesigned their corporate brand
  • Researched and reviewed current sales figures and industry information
  • Developed a Manufacturer’s Representative Program
  • Created a new end cap for the windows specialty line
  • Created product literature for end users

The Result:

First, we created new marketing collateral both for the attic stairway as well as the window product line in English and Spanish. Second, we redesigned their corporate brand. Third, we redesigned their websites and combined both sites into one comprehensive product and service site. Lastly, we worked with Century Industries to develop a tiered manufacturer’s rep program which is based on a sales volume criteria.

Three Leaf Productions was responsible for:

  • Setting program objectives
  • Developing program levels
  • Designing program materials for manufacturers
Bryan Buchko